What is Bikebug Coaching?
It is about sharing the passion of cycling and enabling Bikebug’s clients to get the most from their time on the bicycle & achieve their cycling goals.

How does it work?
By structuring rides & using periodisation principles we are able to ensure that your time on the bike is as efficient as possible. Rides will encompass all aspects of cycling to ensure you see improvement in your abilities. All this whilst in the supporting environment of a bunch that cares if you show up or not.
What else is in it for me?
Regular testing will take place for all riders to measure their progress.
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Session Packs
We hope this gives you a better overview of what Bikebug Coaching is about. We are confident that this program is what will help you achieve your cycling goals. If you would like to come along and do a free ride with us, please let me know and I’ll forward you some paperwork to bring along to your first session.

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