Ep 1 – Preparing for Peaks Challenge: I am not Ready: Words by Bikebug Coach, Matt Lucas –

Preparing for a major sportif ride such as Peaks Challenge Falls Creek is a major undertaking. The day itself can be up to 13hrs long (for finishers) and one of the key aspects to completing a ride like this is the ability to keep moving at an aerobic pace for the whole event.

Bikebug coaching athlete Michael Wright (co-owner of MC Cyclery) has agreed to track his progress as he has just over 2 months to prepare for the event. In his own words ‘in 66 days I am taking on Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, and I am not ready’. Michael’s personal situation is very similar to many of my clients. He has a busy demanding professional career & a young family who he wants to spend as much time as possible with. He has also made fantastic gains with his personal health to be at the level he currently is.

As with many people over the Xmas period, Michael hasn’t been riding that much. As a result his fitness level has fallen substantially as you can see from the graph below:


Graph explained:

  • The blue shaded area is his fitness (CTL – Chronic Training Load)
  • Pink line is his most recent 7 days of training load (ATL – Acute Training Load)
  • Yellow line is his fatigue levels (TSB – Training Stress Balance)
  • Dotted lines are predicted levels

To get Michael ready for 3 Peaks, initially we are going to concentrate on his aerobic endurance as a primary training focus. We need to do as much time in his aerobic endurance zone to encourage correct development in his body to allow for the harder sessions to come.

I’m looking forward to sharing Michael’s progress over the next 2 months. Join us for the ride!!!

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