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Your alarm goes off. Time to rise and shine, you’ve got a long day ahead in the saddle.

Which kit will you wear? With so many colours and patterns to choose from in your ever-growing kit wardrobe, you realize it’s becoming increasingly dangerous to get dressed in the dark. You shudder at the thought of committing some kind of cycling faux paux, mismatched kit and odd coloured socks.

That’s where Obsydian comes in – their mission is to deliver an elegant alternative to trendy, loud, “fashion statement” cycling kits. Sure, those fashion kits look great today…but they often have a limited shelf date and typically compromise on construction, function or comfort.

Obsydian is THE premium kit you want to keep coming back to, the trusty kit that’s first off the rank after laundry day. A kit that’s up there with the big brands, but a lot less damaging to your bank account. It’s a brand that rates rider comfort, garment durability, performance and subtle aesthetics over fancy patterns and colourful designs.

To achieve this, Obsydian use premium Italian-made fabrics, sourced from the same factories that supply to the big brands. They use Elastic Interface chamois for superior comfort in their bibs, heavy duty stitched where it counts, for maximum durability.

So how does Obsydian offer such a premium quality kit at a lower price point? Whilst their fabrics and chamois choices are definitely made in Italy, final assembly of their kit is in China, managed under strict guidelines and specifications. The end result is a kit that is put together just as well as the big brands, if not better.

Aesthetically, their colour palette is kept intentionally subtle – timeless black, white, greys and navys. Interchangeable, effortlessly classic with minimal branding, so you don’t look like a walking, riding billboard. Because sometimes, you just want to let your legs do the talking.

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Obsydian is a boutique cycling apparel brand based in Sydney, Australia.



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