Training Tips: Single Handed Cornering: In November we shared three key points to focus on to improve your cornering: a strong inside hand grip, keeping the outside leg down and keeping your eyes up and focused on the exit point. This week’s training tip is a simple drill that you can practice to develop your strong inside hand technique.

You’ll need: cones or something to use as reference points as turn-around guides, like a water bottle, and an open, safe & quiet area to ride around – ideally somewhere like a netball court.



In your open/quiet space, set up your cones. This is where you can get creative with your set up – you can go for a wide-sweeping corner or a tight u-turn – try a few variations. Once you’re satisfied with your setup, practice riding around your cones. Build up enough speed so that you don’t have to pedal around the corner. But, instead of using two-hands, just use your inside hand, and float your other hand just parallel to the bars, off to the side.

Focus on keeping that inside hand gripped firmly on the bars and keeping your outside leg strong around the corner, looking through to the exit point.



That’s really it – a simple & fun drill you can practice to perfect your cornering technique. Make sure you practice this on both sides. Good luck, and let us know how you go or if you have any questions.

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