The Dutch brand ZEAL is one of the latest additions to the market of high-end carbon bike wheels. We can hear you think, yet another wheel brand? That’s what some tests editors of a leading European bike magazines thought as well, but not anymore, after riding a couple hundreds of kilometers with the CAMERIG44 or HOUFFA25 wheels. ZEAL is different. And this why Bikebug will exclusively start selling ZEAL products in the Australian market soon. Looking more closely it will be obvious that it’s not only the product which set the brand apart from the competition.

“SHAPE MATTERS” – This statement is not only hinting at the unique shape of the carbon rims of ZEAL but also at a matter of fact for the target group of ZEAL, the ambitious endurance and race cyclists. The fusion of the traditional hand laced spoke wheel with innovative technology regarding material, aerodynamics and features is essential for the new products and further emphasized in the unique product design with contemporary, plane but also traditional elements.

But it is not only the shape and the design. ZEAL is also striking a new path concerning the product offer. With a “Ready to Ride” (R2R) product package, a consumer direct model and a very broad 6-years warranty and crash replacement offer, the wheel manufacturer is focusing on a particular ease of use and an outstanding price performance ratio for the end-consumer.

Since Australia is far away from ZEAL’s headquarters in the Netherlands, the owners of the company were looking for a partner, who can offer a shopping and service experience for the customer which is similar to what ZEAL as a direct to consumer brand is offering especially in Europe. Communicating with customers directly in the same time zone, solving service cases fast and flexibly and offering local payment methods are important parts of this close connection.

Looking behind the scenes, industry insiders will understand the constellation of high-end wheels and direct sales. Roland ten Brinke has worked for SRAM before he became co-owner of FFWD wheels and Daniel Bley was responsible for the marketing of Canyon Bicycles for several years. Both met in their roles as director sales and director marketing at NuVinci Cycling and pool more than 25 years of experience in the bike business.

“Besides the frame, the wheel is the most important part for the performance and the visual appearance of a bike. There is still so much potential in this system of rims, hubs, spokes and tires and most of the existing products are ignoring the latest design language of edgy aero frames.” (Roland ten Brinke)

“There is a high demand for individuality and classic long-life design paired with innovative product features in the market. Especially bike wear brands are showing a pioneering role in this context. With ZEAL we are meeting these desires and transfer them to a market leading wheel with outstanding price performance ratio.” (Daniel Bley)

Highlight of ZEAL’s debut collection is the CAMERIG44 wheel set. As an “Aero-Allrounder” the Kamm Tail inspired shape is leaping to the eye and a decisive factor for perfect balance of aerodynamics, stability in cross wind conditions, stiffness, weight and comfort. Following this design principle, the wheel matches the shape but also the advantages of contemporary frames with so called “Kammtail virtual foil, “tri-dent profile”, “virtual foil” or “KTD” (Kamm Tail Design) approaches. The CAMERIG44 with a 44mm deep rim is available for rim and disc brakes and in a tubular and a full carbon clincher version starting from only 1380g. You will receive a wheelset with laser engraved DT hubs, Sapim spokes, quick releases, SwissStop Brake Pads and a unique wheel bag system. With applied rim tape the clincher version is already “Tubeless Prepared”.




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