The Argon 18 Gallium Pro Frameset 2017 is the jewel in the Canadian company's crown - a perfect balance of comfort and high-end performance.

The flagship model in Argon 18's range of road bikes, the Gallium Pro offers a great balance of stiffness and comfort; this is a result of Optimal Balance - Argon 18's design and fabrication philosophy, a fundamental concept that has given rise to many technical innovations and refinements.

For 25 years, Argon 18 has sought to combine in ideal proportions, three essentially conflicting characteristics: rigidity, comfort and light weight.  The result of these years of research and development is ultimately a unique, distinctive ride feel in every Argon 18 bike.

A high-performance frame must be rigid, but not so stiff as to feel like a plank of wood. The stiffness must be present where needed to take advantage of every watt of the rider's energy, for maximum forward motion. It must also be designed to ensure stability and accurate steering under heavy load but without creating a harsh ride. Low weight shouldn't come at the cost of rigidity or comfort; a high-performance frame must be comfortable. Race-calibre performance is often thought to be the result of a light and stiff frame, but performance is also a function of comfort. Optimal Balance takes all these factors into account and the result speaks for itself out on the road. The Optimal Balance philosophy also extends to the fork; every bike we make is equipped with a fork designed specifically for that frame, engineered to complement that frame's performance characteristics.


A frame weight of just 790g. 

Argon Fit System (AFS) road geometry ensures that in every frame size, the dimensions remain proportional and well balanced, offering riders of various physical types equal ease in finding the optimal position. Furthermore, handling and stability are enhanced by proper weight distribution and frame/fork geometry, ensuring the optimal balance between quick, nimble steering and the necessary stability in fast descents and on rough roads. Regardless of size, the Gallium Pro performs consistently, offering an efficient, comfortable position, agile, sure-footed handling, in all frame sizes.

Add to this a bottom bracket set 75 mm below the wheel axles - this lower bottom bracket lowers the cyclist's center of gravity and reduces head tube length, thereby improving rider control while increasing the frame's lateral rigidity. The end result is more accurate trajectories in turns, and more stability at speed.

The new 3D system is now press-fitted, which means less parts, less weight and less potential vibrations.

ASP-6500 reversible two-way seat post (seat clamp offset -15 to -25mm) offers an extremely wide range of adjustment.

The Gallium Pro also features Argon 18’s Horizontal Dual System, which balances stiffness and compliance for a comfortable ride. Imagine a diagonal line running from the head tube down to the rear dropouts. Everything below the line represents the 'Power Zone', where rigidity matters most. In the case of the Gallium Pro, that means a stiff, aero-shaped head tube up front to ensure crisp, precise handling while cornering or sprinting, combined with a massive bottom bracket area and asymmetrical chainstays to maximize every bit of energy you put into the pedals. The threadless BB86 bottom bracket further boosts stiffness with no added weight. The 'Comfort Zone' consists of smaller, thinner frame tubing up top to add compliance and give it a smoother ride.


Frame material 7050 HM Carbon composite
Frame weight 790 g (includes medium frame, paint and clearcoat. Hardware (70 g) is not included).
Fork GA31 Pro specific monocoque carbon fork (350 g, cut to fit medium size frame).
Seatpost 226 g, Argon 18 ASP-6550 carbon seat post, included.
Seatpost diameter 27.2 mm
Seatpost collar diameter 31.8 mm
Bottom bracket BB86
Headset FSA model 37 + 3D (Top bearing  1" 1/8  and bottom 1" 1/2  + FSA TH-883 Compressor included

Ajustable front derailleur hanger compatible with compact and oval chainrings.

Carbon drop out with replaceable forged rear derailleur hanger.


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