Date Posted:1 September 2021 

CeramicSpeed has announced a lifetime warranty on all of its ‘Coated’ products and OSPW cages.

The updated warranty policy affects all CeramicSpeed ‘Coated’ products and OSPW (Oversize Pulley Wheel System) cages purchased after January 1, 2021, and reflects the brand’s belief in the supreme durability of its products. 

“CeramicSpeed products are designed to keep riders riding faster for longer,” says Martin S. Banke, Executive Vice President of CeramicSpeed. “We have no doubt about the exceptional durability of our Coated products, or whether they are going to hold up and deliver consistent performance for our customers. 

“Therefore, we want to provide our customers with the confidence that their purchase is going to stick with them, and that there should never be any question about the durability and performance support they are going to get out of that product”.

CeramicSpeed ‘Coated’ products offer big gains in durability and longevity, thanks to a unique coating consisting of a wafer-thin metallic layer that is 75% harder than hardened steel races. The coating is applied to both the inside and the outside of the bearing races to deliver optimal results.

CeramicSpeed is similarly certain about the longevity of its OSPW cages, and has therefore included them in its updated lifetime warranty policy. 

“Like our Coated products, we want to carry the same confidence in saying that these upgrades are worthwhile and that riders should not be worried about damaging their parts,” explains Paul Sollenberger, CeramicSpeed Product Manager.

“We are designing cages for the real world, designed for riders to use extensively, and we stand behind them, bar none, to ensure that confidence in the cage and its lifespan”.

The new lifetime warranty on all OSPW cages replaces CeramicSpeed’s existing crash replacement program, while all Standard CeramicSpeed products continue to be backed by a 4-year warranty. 

You can read the full terms and conditions regarding CeramicSpeed’s lifetime warranty here


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