Date Posted:16 June 2022 


Garmin recently announced their new Varia RCT715 (Rear Camera Tail-light) with the same features of the RTL515, however now with a camera that offers a 140° field of view. The new Varia keeps the car detecting radar and the reactive light for visibility while out on the road.

What is on offer with the NEW Varia RCT715:

  • The built-in camera continuously records and automatically saves footage if it detects an incident.
  • Reliable rearview radar lets you ride like you know what’s coming.
  • Control the camera right from your Garmin device, and access footage via the Varia™ smartphone app.
  • This compact device is easy to mount and fits most bikes.
  • Get up to 6 hours of battery life with radar, tail light in day flash and camera recording.

Easily mount this sleek, compact device on the seatpost of almost any bicycle. The vertical design allows for leg clearance and a perfectly comfortable ride.

Check out the NEW Varia RCT715 today and see how it can make your time on the bike safer.