Date Posted:25 August 2022 


Wheel performance is determined by three factors: aerodynamics, rigidity, and weight.

The new Shimano Road wheel collection optimizes the balance of those characteristics based on specific applications like climbing, all-round performance, or high-speed scenarios. Wheels unlike any other. One pedal stroke, and you’re off.

Shimano re-examined rigidity, weight, and acceleration from every angle. The resulting wheels respond smoothly and swiftly to every stroke of the pedal, encouraging you to find your limits. To develop a wheel that advances crisply, responding to the rider’s pedalling force, that is, a wheel with excellent acceleration performance, we made efforts to achieve two elements: improvement of drive rigidity and reduction of energy required for acceleration.

“Cycling is a battle against all kinds of resistance: the wheel against gravity and aerodynamic drag, and the hub internals against rolling resistance. Shimano reduced resistance at every opportunity, so once you’re at speed, you’ll never want to stop. Compared to the conventional product C40-TL, air resistance has been reduced at all yaw angles on C36-TL, which has about the same rim height. In the conversion method that considers the direction of the winds received under actual running conditions*, the drag has been reduced by about 3 W. Of course, air resistance has been further reduced on both C50-TL and C60-HR-TL.

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