Date Posted:4 August 2022 


Oakley eyewear is designed to perform — rooted in 40 years of history in innovation and a philosophy of a lens that sets the brand apart.

Fine-tuning vision and optimizing contrast, Prizm lenses reveal details that would typically be missed by the naked eye. Whether on the mountain, road, water, field or course, Prizm lenses allow athletes and consumers to see details earlier, faster and deeper, resulting in an enhanced experience.

With total control over the process and details, Oakley produce one comprehensive, single-layered lens. Most brands take existing lenses and coat or glue layers of material to enhance vision. At Oakley, materials are mixed into the lenses making a molecular bond — no glues and no adhesives — resulting in a clear view to see details earlier, faster and deeper.

“What sets Oakley’s Field Testing program apart from the competition is our un-compromised commitment and experience to testing products in the exact environment and conditions the professional athlete perform in on a global scale. Oakley products are designed to meet the rigors of competition as well as celebrate the spirit of the sport. It’s imperative we experience how the product performs in the field before it goes on an athlete or consumers face. Prizm lens technology went through this process with four years of fielding testing, 20-30 testing trips in seven different countries. This commitment to product performance provides the best product for the best athletes and consumers on the planet.” David Steiner, Oakley R&D Field Testing Program Manager

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