Anti-friction, Ultra-Link technology makes Campagnolo Record chains shift so sweetly.

Pros are the everyday testing ground for the chain fitted on all advanced Record 11 and Super Record 11 groups.


Ultra-Link  chain link locking system

Ultra-Shift chain links

Ni-PTFE anti-friction treatment

Links made of special steel


By far the best...

By: on 2 April 2021
Used all different brands and this is by far the best one I have used. Rear and the front gear change is ted smoother than others but the noise and the resilience (stretch) is far better. And the price isn't too bad either.

Record breaking chain

By: on 30 March 2019
I have found Campagnolo group sets to live up to the. Challenge. The record 11 Spd chain is no exception! I am replacing mine in a normal maintenance cycle, it has not missed a beat. 5,890 km’s and there are no signs of stretch or wear. Keep it lubricated - wax or chain lube and it is quiet and smooth.

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