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The Challenge Criterium SC S Open Tubular Clincher Tyre is a great choice for those riders who want the benefits of a full tubular tyre in a package that is more manageable when it comes to punctures.

Utilising a corespun cotton casing that is light, supple and available up to 320TPI, the Criterium Open Tubular provides maximum control and performance.

Challenge tyre treads are made from locally-sourced natural rubber in their own factory in Thailand - not only is natural rubber more supple than synthetic rubber (which accounts for the majority of the world's tire production) the grip is far superior.

The Puncture Protection Strip (PPS) is an extra layer of uniquely-crafted fabric, with highly resistant properties, that sits between the casing and the tire to reduce the risk of punctures. Tires intended for use in intense conditions with a high puncture risk (such as those in competition) are reinforced with a second PPS layer beneath the casing.

An Aramid bead gives riders extra strength along the bead of the tyre whilst being flexible enough to fold the tyre before it's mounted.

What's an open tubular?

An open tubular is constructed using the same casing and tread materials and process as a tubular, but instead of sewing the casing together (closed), the sides of the tubular casing are folded around aramid fibre cords to produce beads.

This ‘open’ design performs like a tubular, yet conveniently mounts like a standard clincher tyre.




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