Mia. Urban style, plastic-free, stainless steel

MIA is Elite's new lifestyle bottle, totally made in stainless steel, ideal for both sports and everyday use. 

Totally plastic-free, MIA is a sustainable bottle as you can re-use it for years on end and is distinguished by its urban style, perfect for both cycling and everyday use.


Stainless steel, from its cap to its base.

MIA is Elite's first bottle that features no plastic materials whatsoever, from its cap to its base.

Stylish, plastic-free and easy to wash, steel bottles are a great investment to hydrate while you're cycling and in everyday life, when you're working or when you go to the gym.

A steel bottle is also a conscious, eco-friendly choice: steel is one of the most recycled materials and a stainless steel bottle can be used for years on end.

Always fresh and clean liquid taste

Steel isn't just a very resistant alloy, it's also stainless as it's inert compared to those substances it comes into contact with: supplements, detergents and high-acidity drinks have no risk of corroding it.

It also maintains unaltered the organoleptic properties of the liquids it contains, constantly ensuring fresh and clean liquid taste.

An innovative cap, so you can transport it with one finger

MIA is distinguished by a practical steel cap that you can unscrew in order to ensure perfect air-tightness for the liquid it contains. Its external sinuous shape and the totally plastic-free materials do not just make it easy to wash, they also ensure max hygiene and protection from molds and bacteria.

In order to easily carry the bottle around, its cap features a steel wire handle so you can literally use a single finger to transport it and use your hands to carry other objects around, answer your mobile or walk unencumbered.

Its hook has been designed by their team of designers in order to take into consideration the weight of its content and always remain in place when transporting it.


Capacity 650ml
Material Stainless Steel
Diameter 73mm

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