Whether you want to be the fastest is not a question of IF, it's a question of WHEN.

And when you have set that goal for yourself everything needs to be focussed on that moment.
It's what professional athletes do all the time. But even the more enthusiastic cyclists - who are not earning money with their rides - work towards a goal in the same way.

We all know that the right material can make a big difference. Record breaking difference! Attack your goals with the DISC-T LION!

Joss Lowden did it by taking the women's UCI World Hour Record recently.

Our track DISC is one of the products that is around for 15 years and has been improved several times.
THE choice by many athletes and National teams. TOgether with World class athletes we have evolved the track DISC into a special team edition. Already on the track since two years we can now let everyone take advantage.

How you may ask?
The DISC-T LION is reduced in weight by an incredible 50 grams to get it well below 1kg at 975 grams. It has an Optimised Lenticular Disc Shape that not only brings aerodynamic advantage with most current frame designs but also increases the stiffness exceptionally. Compared to other leading track wheels the DISC-T LION brings 20% more stiffness.


ECOM - Equal Compression Technology -  All FFWD rims are manufactured with ECOM or Equal Compression Technology. ECOM Technology fuses each layer of the high-quality carbon sheets with special resins into one integral unit.  The result is a structurally superior rim that is much stronger and lighter. At the core of ECOM Technology is specially designed latex air bags that match the inner shape of each specific model rim.  These custom made bags ensure that the pressure/compression is equal on the entire inner surface of the rim during the molding process.  The result is a nearly void less rim section and a smooth internal wall.  The smooth internal wall is not commonly found in carbon rims offered by many competitors. This FFWD technology benefits overall build quality and longevity of the wheel by offering a structurally superior rim and clean seating surface for the spoke nipple. When spoke tension is applied through the nipple seat and onto the rim, the transition of force is clean and optimal.
Hand Built In Holldand - It’s a safe bet that our master wheel builders are the best in the business. With hundreds of years of combined professional experience and tens of thousands of wheels built per master builder, this vast experience in combination with our other technologies is what ultimately results in a superior performance wheel for you, the rider. In production, each master wheel builder manages an entire wheel set build from start to finish to ensure the highest-quality standards.  This process starts by material selection including rims, hubs, spokes and nipples.  Once a final quality control check is completed for each component, the building process begins. During the build each rim is laced, tensioned, trued and these steps repeated until the master builder is satisfied the wheel is ready for the road.  A secondary independent internal quality-control check is then performed to confirm the wheel is within FFWD’s strict tolerances. As a final step each wheel’s unique serial number is recorded and the set is packaged with padded wheel bag and accessories.  The wheel set is now ready to be released into the world of speed.


UCI World Hour Record model
700c full carbon tubular disc wheel for track
Optimized lenticular shape for exceptional aerodynamics
20% increased stiffness over competitor disc models
High lateral rigidity
Ideal to pair with Five-T, RYOT77 Track
Front or Rear wheel option


Spoke Count N/A
Hub Options FFWD Track
Bearing Option FFWD (Japanese EZO)
Components N/A
Freehub N/A
Colour Black
Weight  Front: 925 grams, Rear: 975 grams
Rim Width 22.4mm
Recommended Tyre Width(s)  Min: 20mm, Max: 25mm
Maximum Tyre Pressure N/A
Maximum Recommended Rider Weight 265lbs/120kgs
Accessories FFWD padded wheelbag and valve hole sticker kit

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