The Jagwire Pro Shift MTB & Road Cable Kit delivers enhanced performance and style.

Pro level polished cables used with Slick-Lube liners dramatically reduce friction, giving you improved shifting precision and long-lasting performance. And with all needed parts included for both road and mountain systems, our Pro Shift kits are quick and easy to install.


LEX-SL - linear steel strands around a Slick-Lube liner.

Linear Strand, Lubricated - Linear strands of steel are used to encircle the Slick-Lube Liner creating a compressionless ring. This delivers responsive, precise, crisp performance necessary in shift applications.

STS-PS - pre-stretched, polished, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Pro Polished Slick Stainless - Slick stainless cables undergo a polishing process to further remove imperfections. This creates a smoother surface with lower friction than PTFE-coated cables. With no coating, these are highly durable and compatible with all performance housings and lubricants. Typically used on high-end bikes, by riders wanting improved performance.


Universal - Thoughtfully crafted to work on just about any bicycle. This versatile gear slots right into place

Shift - Contains everything required for a complete service of shift system

Double Shift Cable Ends - SRAM/Shimano shift cable head on one end, Campagnolo shift cable head on the other

Slick Lube - Slick-Lube is a method of manufacturing with consistently distributed lubrication

Pro level polished cables combined with Slick-Lube liners offer enhanced shifting precision and long-lasting performance

All parts needed for a complete shift cable/housing install on either road or mountain bikes are included

Includes enough housing and end caps for nearly any cable routing type

A performance enhancement above standard OEM cables and housing

Colours Available


Housing Construction: LEX with Slick-Lube Liner

Outside Diameter: 4.0mm

Housing Length: 3200mm

Cable Construction: STS-PS

Compatibility: SRAM/Shimano Road and Mountain

Front Cable Length: 2300mm

Rear Cable Length: 2800mm
What's in the Box?

1x 3200mm LEX-SL Shift Housing

1x 2300mm Pro Slick Polished Stainless Front Shift Inner Cable

1x 2800mm Pro Slick Polished Stainless Rear Shift Inner Cable

3x Sealed Alloy End Caps

6x Lined Alloy End Caps

2x Hooded Alloy End Caps

2x Cable Tips

2x 5G Tube Tops

6x Cable Donuts

2x Rotating Hooks

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