Jagwire Road Elite Sealed Brake Kit

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The Road Elite Sealed Brake Kit uses a continuous liner that seals the system completely and protects it against dirt, mud and debris. Available in unique three colors, this system offers the ultimate combination of protection and low-friction performance.

To ensure the lowest possible friction, they've paired Elite Polished Ultra-Slick inner cables with our improved Slick-Lube continuously-lubricated liners. This combination delivers precise cable movement and excellent durability.


CSX - high carbon, low compression coiled steel around a Slick-Lube liner

Sealed, Lubricated - Jagwire sealed systems, available only in DIY kits, include liners that run continuously from the lever to the brake or derailleur. This protects the cable and housing from dirt, mud or anything else that can cause friction. But because the liner runs the full length of the cable, Ultra-Slick polished inner cables are used to keep friction to a minimum.

STS-EL - pre-stretched, highly polished, uncoated slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Polymer-Coated or Polished Ultra-Slick Stainless Steel- These ultra-slick stainless cables deliver the ultimate low-friction performance. Jagwire offers two options: An ultra-slick polymer-coated cable for use in our Elite Sealed Systems with continuous housing/liners, or a highly polished, uncoated cable that can be used with any housing and lubricant. These Elite level cables deliver incredibly accurate, smooth performance.


The continuous liner running from the levers to the brake caliper offers outstanding protection from dirt and debris

Elite Polished Ultra-Slick cables are paired with Slick-Lube liners to minimize friction

Low-compression housing results in crisp brake lever feel

2.4mm inner liner may not be compatible with all frames and components


Housing Construction CSX
Outside Diameter 5.0mm
Housing Length 2200mm
Liner Slick-Lube
Front Liner Length 1275mm
Rear Liner Length 1975mm
Cable Construction STS-EL
Compatibility SRAM/Shimano Road
Front Cable Length 1350mm
Rear Cable Length 2000mm

What's in the Box?

1x 2200mm CSX Brake Housing

1x 1350mm STS-EL Elite Polished Ultra-Slick Front Brake Inner Cable

1x 2000mm STS-EL Elite Polished Ultra-Slick Rear Brake Inner Cable

1x 1275mm Slick-Lube Liner

1x 1925mm Slick-Lube Liner

2x Open Brass End Caps

4x Open Alloy End Caps

2x Cable Tips

2x Grub Seals

2x 5G Tube Tops

2x Rotating Hooks