Fully Integrated Strain Gauge for force measurement
Easy connectivity with ANT+ compatible Cycle Computers
Pedaling Monitor Force Vector and Efficiency Display when used with Pioneer or Wahoo ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT Cycle Computers
Lightweight Power Sensor only 22 Grams
Compatable with Dura-Ace 9000 cranksets
165, 170, 172.5, and 175mm crank arms available


Pioneer’s most affordable step into power measurement - Far beyond what a simple heart rate monitor can tell, a power meter is the most valuable and necessary tool any cyclist can use to measure and quantify their efforts. Our unique Strain-Gauge technology measures the deflection (or bending) of the crank arm to continuously quantifies your riding effort. No other cycling tool can accelerate your progress faster than working with a power meter.

12 point force measurement for high accuracy and advanced metrics - Pioneer measures pedaling forces every 30˚, for 12 points of measurement per revolution. However, within those 12 points, Pioneer scans those pedaling forces an incredible 16 times, for an unbelievable 192 data points each rotation of the crank! This level of measurement is what leads to the accuracy of Pioneer power meters, as well as the basis for HDPower Metrics analysis.

Advanced HDPower Metrics further power and pedaling metrics analysis - Pioneer’s Cycle Computer unlocks the HDPower Metrics that allow riders to see Force Vector analysis, as well as Torque Vector and Pedaling Efficiency power metrics. These can be viewed on the Cycle Computer while riding, or in post-ride analysis using Pioneer’s free cloud-based Cyclo-Sphere software. Introduced over two years ago, these innovative features have not been matched by any of our competitors.

Compatible with ANT+ Cycle Computers - ANT+ is a low-powered (2.4GHz range) wireless communications standard used by most cycle computer brands. The Pioneer Power Meter can easily pair with ANT+ compatible cycle computers and display power measurements that are available on that computer. For the full range of never-been-seen-before data including force vectors, torque vector, and other measurements, it must be paired with the Pioneer Cycle Computer.

A path for consumers to upgrade their system to a Dual Leg power meter system as they grow with their power analysis - Upgrade your analysis by adding a drive side upgrade kit, send in your existing crank to be upgraded to a Dual Leg system. There is no better, or more detailed tool for analyzing power or pedaling balance metrics than a Dual Leg system, especially when combined with Pioneer’s HDPower Metrics.

Race-tested, rider-perfected - The Pioneer Power Meter is built to perform in the toughest conditions. It was refined over a punishing season of racing through rain, snow, cobbles, mud and the thigh-burning climbs of the world’s most prestigious grand tours. It’s lightweight, fully-integrated design adds just 64 grams to your crank, measures up to 2,150 Watts @120 RPM, and is accurate to within +/- 2%. It can be easily calibrated for varying temperatures and elevations and is available in red and black transmitter caps.

Post-ride data like you’ve never seen before - The ultimate training tools. Cyclo-Sphere for PC and supporting Cyclo-Sphere Mobile App let you analyze every moment of every ride. Simply upload your ride data to Cyclo-Sphere to view total power, power balance, force and torque vector charts, pedaling efficiency, heart rate, speed, cadence, distance, altitude, temperature, and much, much more.
- See Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere Free Cloud Service

Cyclo-Sphere Mobile App provides quick access to your Workout List with a powerful Segment Compare feature that allows you to choose where and when you want to challenge yourself the most. Both Cyclo-Sphere PC and Cyclo-Sphere Mobile App are complimentary with your Pioneer Cycle Computer.


Key Features

Included Crankset Shimano FC-R9100 "DuraAce" Left Crank Arm
Chainring Options N/A
12-Point Force Direction Measurement Left Only
Pioneer Pedaling Monitor Mode For use with Pioneer Cycle Computers
Discrete L/R Zero Calibration Memory Left Only
Chainring Exchangeable (Shimano only) N/A
Crank Arm Length Options (mm) 165 / 170 / 172.5 / 175
Left and Right Arm Strain Guages Left Only
Dual Accelerometers per Crank Arm Left Only
ANT+™ Transmission For use with ANT+ Cycle Computers
Accuracy +/- 2% includes Auto Thermal Compensation Circuit


Pioneer Power Mode With Pioneer Cycle Computer

Independent L/R & Total Power Left Only
Independent L/R Force Direction Left Only
Independent L/R & Total Pedaling Efficiency Left Only
Independent L/R Pedal Smoothness Left Only
Work Yes
Independent L/R & Total Power Loss Left Only
Independent L/R Torque Left Only
Independent L/R Torque Effectivenes Left Only
Accumulated Stress Yes


Ant+ Power Mode With Ant+ Computer

Total Power Estimated
L/R Power Averages No
Torque Effectivenes  Yes
Cadence Yes
Intensity Yes
Power watts/kg Yes
L/R Power Balance No
Power % of FTP  Yes
Pedal Smoothness Yes
Normalized Power Yes
Interval Intensity Yes
Power Zone / Level Yes


After Ride Analysis

Cyclo-Sphere Yes
STRAVA Auto Forward Yes
TrainingPeaks WKO+ Yes
FIT File Converter Yes
TrainingPeaks Auto Forward Yes



Wide Road-Bike Frame Compatibility Yes
Alternate Arm Magnets x1
LED Mode Indicator Yes
Solid Mount Transmitter N/A
Batteries CR2032 x 1
Weight: Crankset and Sensors 219g
Sensor Dimensions -right (W x H x D) mm N/A
Operational Temperature Range -10 to 50°C"
Accessories Magnet (Patch x 1 & Arm type x 1), CR2032 Battery x 1, User’s Manual
Patch Magnets x1
User Replaceable Batteries Yes
Thin Left Crank Arm Sensor 9mm
Water & Dust Resistance Yes
Battery Operating Time 180 hours
Weight: Sensors only 22g
Sensor Dimensions -left (W x H x D) mm 92.5 × 34.7 × 8.8
Parts and Labor Warranty 2 Years


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