Cyclists have been riding Pirelli tyres since the first ever Giro D’Italia in 1909.

The Pirelli PZero Velo has been developed at the testing facilities in Milan, Italy by the same team responsible for Pirelli’s Formula One tyres. It has taken them over two years to develop a road bike tyre that is worthy of carrying the Pirelli name.

It features an intermediate tread design that itself has migrated from Pirelli’s motorcycle division, namely in the firm’s Diablo Supercorsa tyre.

The PZero Velo is a tire that performs well in all conditons and rolling resistance is excellent.


SmartNET Silica compound for rolling efficiency and wet grip

Tread design provides sensational handling, confidence and performance

Available in 23, 25 and 28mm widths

Folding tyre bead

Pricey and yet...

By: on 14 March 2019
First thing is that I'm running the 28mm version of this tyre. They are awesome. Western NSW roads are typically rough, coarse, often potholed, strewn with puncture inducing items and (quite often) unsealed. My pair have managed these conditions for over a year and a couple of thousand kilometres with minimal wear, outstanding comfort, not much roll resistance and amazing handling...even on dirt roads. Typically running 50 - 70 psi. Oh and just one puncture only last week when a rock on a dirt road popped the year old tube without damaging the tyre...

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