Rock N Roll Lubrication is the mechanics' choice when they work on their own bikes.

Rock N Roll Red Absolute Dry Road Lube is made for road drivetrains because it's a super clean chain lube; in fact, this lube is not a self-cleaning lube, it simply picks up little or no dirt.

It's very thin, so it requires re-application on a regular basis. As a result, however, it penetrates deep into the chain. For use in less extreme weather conditions.

Application instructions: Shake bottle well and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette. Do not drip the lube on like you would oil - this isn't oil. Ensure the chain is well coated because this lube cleans and lubricates all in one. Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 seconds and wipe off all the excess lube, ensuring the chain is as clear of lube as it can be.

It works!

By: on 14 June 2020
I've previously always used wet lube but i'm a fair weather infrequent cyclist and tend to ride mostly indoors so when I rebuilt the groupset on my bike I decided to try a dry product instead. After putting a clean new groupset on my bike it was so refreshing to apply this and have a nice smoothly running groupset without all the grime that you get with a wet lube. My main hint is if you put this on gear that's still got a bit of grease/grime/muck on it make sure you have some thick rags under the bike! Better yet do it outside and immediately jump on the bike and go around the block. As the product settles into the drivetrain it forces all the gunk out, so if you're not careful you'll end up with black streaks all over your garage or your indoor trainer / mat / hopefully not the carpet! If you want something simple to keep your bike running smoothly and you tend to ride in fairly clean conditions then this is absolutely the way to go! If you're an indoor trainer rider then there's simply no other choice!

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