RockBros Bicycle Bell

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Like it or not, every bicycle on Australian roads must be fitted with a working bell, horn or similar warning device. RockBros highly affordable Bicycle Bells are small enough to sit discreetly on your handlebars and when positioned correctly within easy reach of your hand are very easy to operate with your thumb while keeping both hands on the bars. Sounding better than a lot of other bells on the market they are loud enough to signal your presence to other road users or pedestrians with a long and piercing DING!

Box Contents
1 x Bicycle Bell
1 x Short Metal Strap
1 x Long Metal Strap

What about getting it on the bar? Installation is a little fiddly, but not too hard once you figure it out. The bell comes supplied with 2 metal affixing bars. One short, one long. Choose the one you need to match the circumference of your handlebar. Loop it around the bar and push the ends into the buckle located in the base of the bell to secure the fitting.

Australian bicycle road rules insist that all bikes must have a working bell, horn or similar warning device every time you ride a bicycle on a road.
. Affordable and efficient bicycle handlebar bell . Sits discreetly on the bar within very easy reach of your hand . Easy to operate with your thumb . Easy to attach to bike . Suitable for almost any handlebar . Lightweight & fashionably sophisticated . Simple metal-spring striker action . Loud and long lasting "ping" . Solid construction . Installation is fiddly but easy to figure out . Meets Australian Bicycle Road Rule Standards Specifications . Material: Stainless Steel . Width: 28mm . Height: 22mm . Weight: 76g