The Special One. Unleashing profile and breathtakingly fast – especially when large volume counts.

As a 30mm wide road race version with V-Guard
protection, G-One Speed is a tire for the real tough jobs. You can ride it as a handmade tubular or with the most modern Tubeless Easy technology. But it
is also a guarantee for maximum speed in the extra-wide 60mm execution – of course not only at the fascinating beach races on Holland’s coasts.



Great tyres for road and dirt

By: on 26 June 2020
I ride 70% road and 30% dirt and these tyres are great for both. They don't do so well is mud, even shallow mud but most tyres don't. Dry dirt or gravel is where they do better and it doesn't feel any different riding on that to riding on bitumen. I have them, 35mm, at 60 psi and they feel firm and don't slip. Not bouncy either when riding over stones or hidden rocks. They don't slide on sand. Allround is a great name for them. All terrain as long as its dry.

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