Infused with the properties of carbon fibre, Sele Italia's lightest saddle ever is the fruit of extensive product development.

The SuperFlow cutout provides unparalleled comfort in the stylish guise of the SLR. A fascinating combination of lightweight construction and superior strength, making it the ideal answer to the needs of amateurs and professionals alike. Combining pure technology and a passion for excellence, the SLR C59 sets a new benchmark in riding technology, the finest incarnation of the Selle Italia spirit.


Hi-Tech Carbon Rail

Carbon Wear

100% Carbon




Weight: 63g

Frame: Hi-Tech Carbon Ø7x9mm

Dimensions: 128 x 265mm

Category: High Performance

Colour: Carbon

Comfort over 100+

By: on 16 August 2020
This saddle is the most comforable saddle i have with 3 bikes, hard to believe but it's true. I put it down to the cutout and location of my sit bones they must really match well :-) However there is one drawback and that is this is my second purchase of this saddle, just don't crash because even the slightest knock will split the very fine carbon. I think it's worth it to get one of the world's lightest and beautiful saddles.

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