Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper.


Ice Technologies - The fade, which can occur to disc brake rotor and pad when braking on a long downhill ride for instance, has a negative impact on the braking performance. SHIMANO has adopted Ice Technologies disc brake rotor and ICE TECHNOLOGIES pad to realize the cooling technology for consistent performance. The clad disc brake rotor blade, which has a 3 layer-sandwich structure of stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel, provides better radiation performance achieving from 400˚C to 300˚C surface temperature. Also, the radiation fin has been adopted for the pad. Moreover, the clad disc brake rotor blade and the radiator fin provide long pad life, less noise, less fade and lightweight.

One Way Bleeding - “One Way  Bleeding” was developed for quick and easy prevention of air in our hydraulic system. We have streamlined the oil route throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from being captured in the system. 
One way oil routing plus a funnel tool with mineral oil provides an easy and clean bleeding system.


Greater multi-surface brake control
Simple set up and maintenance
Excellent heat dissipation
Convenient tool access
Simple wheel replacement
Easy and clean bleeding system


Brake Hose Kit Compatibility: SM-BH90-JK-SSR, SM-BH90-J-SSR
Brake Pads: K03S Resin Included (K04S, and L04C compatible)
Recommended Brake Lever: ST-RX810, BL-RX810, or ST-RX815
Recommended Brake Rotor: SM-RT800
Oil: Shimano Mineral oil
Mount Type: flat mount

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