Spurcycle bells create powerful, enduring sound.

Give notice well in advance with a loud, convincing tone. Precision built in the USA for a lifetime of way clearing.


Good Vibrations - Engineered for quality sound. Spurcycle bells ring 3x longer than others.

Killer Finishes - Available in a pure raw metal finish or black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating.

Bar Hopping - Highly adaptable mounting system attaches to any handlebar, standard and oversize, aluminum or carbon.


Material: premium brass and stainless steel

Finish: Raw or Black DLC

Dome size: ⌀30mm x 20.5mm 

Weight: 45g

Origin*: Made in USA, Guaranteed for Life

Install: 2.5mm hex tool required

It truly is an engineering marvel

By: on 28 June 2019
I have about 10 bells, a Knog Oi, an eBay Knog knockoff, eBay Rockbros knockoff, I pretty much have them all. My biggest issue with all of them is that they ring when you hit bumps and travelling at speed over anything other than F1 track pan flat roads. After being totally fed up with every bell I own I decided to give this $79 bell a go and seriously it does not disappoint! The fit and finish is a considerable cut above the imitation bell but that is to be expected for the price. But the real reason for my review is the sound! It’s amazing! The high pitched ding lasts an epic long time! I’m scratching my head as to how it manages this, I mean it lasts a full 10-15 seconds! The best part is after 80km ride I have heard it once without me ringing it and that’s all I really wanted! Recommended if you can afford it.

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