Guide RE is SRAM's optimized braking solution for today's exciting category of E-MTBs, capable of handling the higher average speeds, more intense use and increased mass due to the presence of the motor and battery.

It combines SRAM's proven Guide R lever assembly with a powerful 4-piston caliper derived from the gravity-focused Code brakes. Guide RE provides real, usable on-trail control—optimal power and modulation mean speed can be controlled in all terrain and in all situations, both uphill and downhill. 


DirectLink - SRAM’s DirectLink lever design produces a solid, positive feel the second you squeeze the lever to engage the brake It offers a no-nonsense solution to give you precise control. 

DOT 5.1 - Heat is an enemy of any brake system, so advancements in heat management mean advancements in your ride. We found that in our systems DOT 5.1 takes almost three times longer to boil than DOT 4, thus allowing flawless, fade-free performance in even more extreme conditions. 

MatchMaker and MMX Compatible - Save weight and clutter on the bar with Matchmaker. It holds Avid levers, SRAM triggers, and various RockShox controls, all with one tidy, light, clamp--a dream come true for handlebar component footprint conservationists the world over. Available in two versions: Matchmaker X integrates the RockShox XLoc and is compatible with XX and X0 brakes. Standard Matchmaker is also available and works with any split-clamp design and RockShox PushLoc. 

PiggyBack Reservoir - The brake fluid reservoir on SRAM’s latest lever design is optimized for both performance and ease of use. The PiggyBack Reservoir offers a simple, failsafe way to manage brake fluid, and also allows for ambidextrous lever placement—so you can switch your levers on the handlebar and run them moto without hassle. 

Reach Adjust - Brake lever fit and feel is a personal thing. Riders have individual positioning preferences, as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. Reach Adjust makes it easy to adjust your lever for maximum one-finger control for everyone. 

Timing Port Closure - A hydraulic brake’s timing port is the connection between the reservoir and the master cylinder bore. When the lever is squeezed, a cup seal passes this area and closes the port, which pressurizes the system. SRAM’s new timing port closure system, called TPC Plus, features durable seals and an ultra-smooth cylinder bore finish producing dependable braking power and consistency.


Guide R lever assembly with proven Guide technologies

Powerful 4 piston caliper derived from the Code gravity specific brakes

Sintered pads for better pad life in intensive use

MatchMaker X compatible

Ambidextrous lever mount

Tool-free reach adjust


Material: Aluminium

Weight: approx. 415g (manufacturer's specs, based on direct mount, 800 hose, 160mm CL Rotor)

Disc: manufacturer's recommendation (optional): SRAM Centerline

Brake caliper: SRAM Guide RE - Postmount | IS2000 with adaptor (sold separately)

Brake pads: steel-backed metal sintered

Brake hose: 950mm

Brake lever: SRAM Guide RE

Brake fluid: DOT 5.1
What's in the Box?

1 SRAM Guide RE brake caliper + lever without disc and adapter

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