BBB BSP-20 Skyscraper 27.0 x 400mm Seatpost Black


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Bicycles without an integrated seatpost require a post to connect the saddle to the bike frame. Taking extra care to ensure you select the correct seatpost diameter is essential if you want to protect your frame from unnecessary clamping forces. This BBB BSP-20 Skyscraper Seatposts are constructed using cold-forged 6061 T6 Aluminium and are ideal for most types of bike. This particular seatpost features a 0mm offset and measures 27.0 x 400mm.

Need Help Choosing The Right Seatpost Diameter?
Frame sizes can vary greatly between bikes models and brands. The BBB range of seatposts covers 99 percent of all possible frame inner diameters. Please contact our helpful customer service staff if you need any assistance choosing the right one for your bike.

. BBB Skyscraper MTB Seatpost 27.0 x 400mm (BSP-20) . Suitable for mountain bikes . Cold-forged 6061 T6 Aluminium . 2-screw micro-adjustable clamping system Specifications . Diameter: 27.0mm . Length: 400mm . Offset: 0mm . Weight: 378 g (based on 31.6mm diameter) . Country of Manufacture: Taiwan Specifications . Diameter: 26.8mm . Length: 400mm . Offset: 0mm . Weight: 378 grams (316mm) . Country of Manufacture: Taiwan BBB BSP-20 Skyscraper Complete Size Range (diameters in mm) Please contact our helpful customer service staff if you need assistance with your choice 25.0, 25.4, 25.6, 25.8mm 26.0, 26.2, 26.4, 26.6, 26.8, 27.0, 27.2mm 28.6, 28.8, 29.0, 29.2, 29.4, 29.6, 29.8mm 30.0, 30.2, 30.4, 30.6, 30.8, 30.9mm 31.0, 31.2, 31.4, 31.6, 32.0, 34.9mm