Rockshox AM DB+ BC Pike C1-120 Upgrade Kit

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The RockShox Debonair+ Buttercup Air Spring Upgrade Kit is the perfect solution for riders seeking a buttery smooth ride experience. Designed to meet riders' needs, the upgrade provides increased air volume for enhanced support throughout the travel, a higher overall ride height for added confidence, and butter-like small bump sensitivity. The kit is suitable for riders with 2023+ ZEB, Lyrik and Pike Select+ or Select models, or pre-2023 model Zeb forks.

The DebonAir+ Air Spring boasts a refined spring curve that offers excellent small bump sensitivity, enhanced mid-stroke support, and improved end-stroke ramp up. It delivers a supremely reactive and consistent ride feel that inspires confidence on every inch of the trail.

The kit also features Buttercups, which are small rubber pucks located at the end of the damper and air spring shafts that fit into the lower leg of the fork. Similar to the technology used in chainsaws and off-road vehicles, ButterCups measurably eliminate trail chatter by up to 20%, providing riders with a smooth and comfortable ride. The technology is found in all Ultimate models and is upgradeable in the entire lineup of new Pike, Lyrik, and ZEBs.

The upgrade kit is compatible with the following models: Pike: C1+ (2023+), Lyrik: D1+ (2023+), and ZEB: A1+ (2021+).

Compatible Models

  • Pike: C1+ (2023+)
  • Lyrik: D1+ (2023+)
  • ZEB: A1+ (2021+)