Shimano Workshop BR-M9000 J04C Metal Pad and Spring Set (25 Pairs)


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The Shimano BR-M9000 brake pad set offers peak braking performance in both Dry and Wet conditions. Keep your brakes remaining in new condition with all new brake pads.

Now in Bulk
Always remain Ready to replace your brake pads and return to peak brake performance with this 25 pack. Pushys now stocks copious amounts of Shimano componentry in bulk. With plenty to choose from, save both time and money and purchase bulk. Whether you are starting a home repair business, running your own bike shop, or working on a professional team's fleet, the Shimano Bulk packs are the way to go.
. Emphasis on good modulation . Especially designed for dry and wet . Increased Durability . Strong Braking surface . Bulk 25 pack These Shimano J04C Metal pads are suitable for the following: . BR-M9000/M9020, . BR-M8000, BR-M7000, . BR-M987, BR-M985, . BR-M785, BR-M675, . BR-M666, BR-M615, . BR-S700, BR-CX75, . BR-RS785, BR-R785, . BR-R515, BR-R315