Bikey Wipes Degreaser Wipes 40pcs

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Bikey Wipes' hero product- the Degreaser Wipes - is your go-to for cleaning your chain and cassette.

Bikey Wipes degreaser wipes are so well made that it is possible to clean your chain and the cassette with only one wipe. No whispy bits that get stuck in your cluster or jockey wheels, no washing with water, no spraying degreaser where you probably don't want it.

They're a simple, easy and effective way to get your components looking like new.

Degreaser Wipes are to be used to clean grease and grime off your chain and cassette only. Please use as required and keep the container closed to prevent the wipes from drying.

Please follow the instructions on the packaging for wipe disposal. Bikey Wipes recommends that you find out about your local waste collection laws around green/organic waste and composting.