Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 C23 2WF Disc Brake Wheelset N3W


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Campagnolo introduces the release of the modernised version of the top-of-the-line carbon wheels that have transfixed the most demanding cyclists around the world for many years. The beautiful design elements in the three different profile heights enrich the well-known Bora Ultra WTO and Bora WTO models.

The BORA WTO 45 DISC BRAKE is the perfect combination of stability at high speeds and handling on the most technical routes, at a significantly lower weight compared to the previous model and with a structure that provides an unprecedented sense of control.

Superior Control At Extreme Speed
Possess pure control. The instantly recognisable G3 lacing ensures maximum stiffness and cornering precision - and stunning, premium aesthetics. Fly around tight bends and carve the perfect line on wider C23 rims, fitting wider tyres.

Lightweight For Reactive Changes Of Pace
Feel weightless. The BORA ULTRA WTO is made from Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon (H.U.L.C.), with an N3W carbon-fibre freewheel hub and C-LUX lacquer-free finish. This profound combination minimises weight by over 100 g across all profile heights compared to the previous model.

Unmatched Aerodynamics
Become speed. Unleash powerful sprints and save your power while drafting. The aerodynamically optimised rim profile, plus Aero Mo-Mag technology, gives you reduced drag power across-the-board. The unique 'drop-shape' rim profile takes inspiration from the most aerodynamic shape in nature to deliver exceptional performance and ride comfort


.24 steel spokes in the front elliptical aero cross section, spaced in groups of three through the G3 system
.24 steel spokes in the rear elliptical aero cross section, spaced in groups of three through the G3 system

.Black aluminium monolithic hub USB cup/cone
.Hub width: front: 100 mm, back: 142 mm
.Axle material: aluminium
.Cup-and-cone bearing system

.Clincher and tubeless

.Rim height: 45 mm
.Rim material: Carbon
.Rim cross section (H/W): 45/29,0 mm
.Internal width of rim: 23 mm
.Water Transfer decals

.The BoraT WTOT 45 Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is 100% checked by electronic instrumentation. This procedure ensures that every single Campagnolo wheel offers maximum performance and reliability

In the box
.Tubeless valve 35 mm
.Bushing to reduce the size of the valve hole
.2 levers in composite material for tyre removal
.User manual

Manufacturer Claimed Weight