DT Swiss XR1700 29 Boost MTB Wheel

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Snappy accelerating aluminium wheel developed to meet all cross country needs.

If cross country means high speed after work rides and the occasional endurance race to you, then you should have a closer look at the XR 1700 SPLINE wheels. Light and welded cross country aluminium rims, relieable 36t RATCHET SL hubs and Swiss precision finish, from competition spokes to the signature DT swiss wheel build quality. A wheelset that is up to compete day in, day out, against yourself, your buddies or in a race.


Tubeless -All DT Swiss wheelsets are tubeless compatible and the ASM versions come tubeless ready, equipped with tubeless tape and valves.


Engagement Angle -A hotly discussed topic in the market right now - engagement angle! What is the engagement angle, how does this angle affect riding performance and is the conventional wisdom "the more the better" really always better?The engagement angle is the maximum degree that the freehub body can rotate until the teeth of the freehub system engage and accelerate the hub. This angle is calculated by dividing 360 by the number of engagement points of the freehub system.

ProLock -Pro Lock is a process where a dual compound, adhesive liquid is injected into the nipple thread, allowing for extremely durable wheel builds. By threading the nipple onto the spoke the adhesive is activated and starts to harden. Re-truing the wheel is still possible after the adhesive has hardened completely, with only a minimal decrease of its thread-lock function.

PHR -Pro Head Reinforcement system.The PHR system increases the load-bearing surface of the nipples on the rim and reduces localized stresses. Peak loads are reduced allowing us to build the rim even lighter. The shape of the washer also acts as a ball joint and automatically aligns the specific DT Squorx Pro Headball head nipples with the spoke, further reducing the risk of spoke failure or rim cracking.

Bearing -DT Swiss hubs are designed to function optimally once installed in a bicycle. To achieve this, the clamping force created by the wheel mounting system must be taken into account when constructing a hub. Learn how to ensure the optimal rotating property of the ball bearings and discover why DT Swiss does not offer hubs with adjustable bearing clearance.


Rim -The 25 mm wide aluminium rim is not only light but also extremely strong thanks to the welded connection.?????

Hub -The redesigned 350 hub is now equipped with a 36 Ratchet SL System.??????

Nipple -DT Pro Lock Squorx nipples contributes to longevity

End Caps-Theincorporated notch in the end cap simplifies disassembly


Front Rear
Net Weight 791g 881g
Recommended System Weight Max. 110 kg 110 kg
ASTM Classification 3 3
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Rim Joint Welded Welded
Tyre Interface Hookless tubeless TSS Hookless tubeless TSS
Valve Hole Presta Presta
Rim Diameter 29" / 700C 29" / 700C
Decal Type Waterslide Waterslide
Inner Width 25 mm 25 mm
Outer Width 29 mm 29 mm
Hub Type 350 350
Axle System 15 mm Thru Axle 12 mm Thru Axle
Built-In Dimension 110 mm Boost 148 mm Boost
Brake Interface Disc Center Lock Disc Center Lock
Freehub Body - SRAM XD MTB (ASRAM)
Freehub System - Ratchet System 36 SL
Spokes Left DT competition Straightpull DT competition Straightpull
Spokes Right DT competition Straightpull DT competition Straightpull
Spoke Pattern Three-cross (1:1) Three-cross (1:1)
Nipples DT Prolock Squorx ProHead alu DT Prolock Squorx ProHead alu
Inclusive Tubeless tape 27 mm

Tubeless valve MTB 32 mm

IS 6-bolt adapter MTB
Tubeless tape 27 mm

Tubeless valve MTB 32 mm

IS 6-bolt adapter MTB