Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Disc Brake Clincher


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The Racing Zero represents perhaps one of the most successful aluminum wheels of all time, a model fit for the pros yet available to all. That fantastic recipe of lightweight yet super reliable construction was made even more sophisticated via the introduction of a Racing Zero designed and built upon a Fulcrum engineered carbon rim. The Racing Zero Carbon jumped into the market as perhaps one of the most exciting packages available for road racing. However, with the constantly growing numbers of disc brake equipped road bikes on the roads the Fulcrum engineers saw fit to develop a Racing Zero Carbon solution for this specific technology.

The Racing Zero Carbon DB incorporates all of the design elements that made its full-metal predecessors THE go-to wheels for road racing cyclists of all levels, adds a high performance carbon fiber rim and designs everything specifically for the quite different forces that braking with discs represent. The result? A fantastic performance oriented yet extremely reliable solution that more than merits the name Fulcrum Racing Zero, designed and built to represent the same quality and speed that has come to be synonymous with one of the most successful road racing wheels in recent history.

For fantastic Racing Zero performance with disc brakes discerning cyclists now have the option to choose between the newest Racing Zero Carbon DB or the Racing Zero DB in aluminum, launched last year.

The Racing Zero line-up in aluminum is available in Racing Zero, Racing Zero Nite and Racing Zero Competizione versions. The youngest member of the family, Racing Zero Carbon brought forth the lighter and even more performance-oriented option to the Fulcrum line-up. Technologies such as oversized aluminum drive side flange, USB ceramic bearings, oversized aluminum double-butted spokes in a Two-to-one spoke count and design made for some of the most rigid, reactive and superb handling racing wheels the market has ever seen.

Incorporating these technologies into a disc brake specific model without altering ride quality or reliability was to be a difficult task, but one in which the Fulcrum engineering staff felt fully capable of completing successfully. The result of their labor is a wheelset that stands on the shoulders of the fantastic design of both the aluminum and carbon Racing Zero predecessors yet with a complete redesign of each and every component to the specific needs of a disc brake wheelset.

The combination of the extremely powerful, precise and performance oriented aluminum components with the extremely lightweight yet phenomenally resistant carbon rim makes for not only a race winning solution but also one that is unique in the marketplace. The rim brake version, upon its introduction, was the only aluminum spoke/carbon rim solution available and now the Racing Zero Carbon DB represents the same unique design amongst disc brake specific wheels. The carbon clincher rim and its extremely versatile 30mm profile keeps the overall structure light enough for the steepest mountain pass yet aerodynamic and rigid enough for fast flats and sprints.

There are carbon rims and then there are carbon rims made by Fulcrum and with the new ARC technology (an overall structural re-design of the layup) the performance and reliability gap between the two widens further. Applied to both the rim and the front hub, a new twill carbon layup to reinforce the areas of highest stress sees additional material concentrated around the nipple anchor while leaving less material, and thus less weight, where unnecessary. While the overall structure is comprised mainly of ultra high modulus T800 carbon to ensure extreme performance, low weight but also optimum integrity, the outer layers receive a unidirectional fiber treatment.

While common to Fulcrum aluminum rims, this new carbon wheelset sees 2-Way FitT technology's incorporation allow the wheel to be built up with either tubeless or clincher tires without the need of any additional tape thanks to the inner channel completely void of any holes. A new 19mm width and internal design makes for perhaps one of the most versatile wheelsets ever produced by Fulcrum as it allows for use of either clincher or tubeless tires. Designed for fantastic compatibility with 25 and 28mm tires the Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon DB can be built up with a wide array of tire widths, allowing for perhaps one of the most versatile wheelsets available (together with its aluminum counterpart, Racing Zero DB) in terms of customized set-up.

The wider stance creates a more efficient rim/tire interface for lower rolling resistance and improved aerodynamics but a completely new profile shape takes this aero tuning one step further. The new, meticulously studied profile gives a versatile, aerodynamically advanced form specifically studied for the 30mm rim height. With an 8mm radius at the nose and a measurement of 26.5mm at its widest point, the new carbon rim is a bold step towards a new standard for the Fulcrum range.

While the carbon rim is perhaps the most notable addition the rest of the wheelset's construction is equally advanced. The rear hub machined from one solid piece of monolithic aluminum optimizes torsional stiffness and ensures efficient power transfer and system integrity. The front hub, on the other hand, receives no torsion from the drivetrain and as such is made lighter by the incorporation of carbon fiber between the two flanges. Both front and rear hubs receive oversize flange treatment to optimize the angles of the 21 aero aluminum spokes in each wheel's construction. Maintaining Fulcrum's Two-to-oneT spoke design, 14 spokes are applied to the side of highest torque application while 7 are located to the opposite side. Such as design ensures that the asymmetric structure of the wheel performs in a symmetric manner and makes the disc brake wheelset every bit as reactive and efficient as its rim brake counterparts.

With all of the aforementioned tech it is quite evident that Fulcrum engineers were successful in making a #fulcrumfast wheel standard rather than a single model. Now, whether you choose to ride rim or disc there is an equally performance oriented and reliable Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon solution for you. The all new disc brake model offers fantastic handling, symmetric and efficient performance and the unparalleled versatility of mounting either clincher or tubeless tires from 23 to 50mm in size. It does so in a disc brake specific design whose each and every part from the ground up was conceived around disc brakeapplications.

Tipping the scales at a scant 1450 g the Racing Zero Carbon DB packs an unbelievable amount of technology, performance and sturdy construction in a wheel that is sure to please. The Fulcrum wheels accept no compromises and nor should you. Choose #fulcrumfast, choose Racing Zero Carbon DB.


Tyre Type: 2-Way Fit (for Clincher and Tubeless ready)

Tyre Size: 28"

Discipline: Road/Gravel

ASTM: Category 2

Weight: 1450g

Rim material: Carbon

Rim material details: Full Carbon, UD, with ARC technology (Twill)

Profile height: Low

Rim height: Front and rear 30mm

Rim width: 26.5mm

Inner rim width (channel): 19mm

Braking System: Disc Brake

Braking surface/ Brakes Options AFS

Front axle compatibility: QR / HH15-100 / HH12-100 (no screwers incl.)

Rear Axle compatibility: QR / HH12-142 / HH12-135 (no screwers incl.)

Front wheel spokes: 21, Two to one, Left 14 - Right 7

Rear wheel spokes: 21, Two to one, Left 7 - Right 14

Spokes: material: Aluminum

Spokes: profile technology: Aero, straight pull

Nipples: Aluminum

Front Hub: Carbon, Aluminum oversize fl ange

Rear Hub: Aluminum, Aluminum oversize fl ange

Bearings: USB ceramic; Adj. Cup & Cones bearing system

Others: Plasma treated HG freewheel; Aluminum Axle

Weight limit (cyclist): 109kg

FWB Version: HG11, CAMPY, XDR

Compatibility Table