Ortlieb High Visibility 21L Black Reflective Commuter Daypack


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Carry Your Gear in Safety and Style with the Ortlieb High Visibility Daypack
Introducing the Ortlieb High Visibility 21L Black Reflective Commuter Daypack-an exquisite fusion of form and function. This isn't just a daypack-it's your personal bodyguard, dedicated to your safety day and night. Crafted to elevate your cycling journey, this daypack features interwoven reflective yarn that transforms it into a beacon of light, ensuring you're seen from dusk to dawn. If you're seeking simplicity, functionality, and unparalleled safety, this daypack is your perfect cycling companion.

Unveil the Brilliance
Prepare to be amazed by the sheer brilliance of the Ortlieb High Visibility Daypack. Constructed with PVC-free, reflective Cordura yarn, it exudes the elegance of fine fabric while maintaining 100% waterproof capabilities. This innovative yarn reacts to a motorist's headlights, becoming intensely reflective. The high-luminosity yarn covers every inch, including the shoulder straps, granting you 360 protection during night rides or inclement weather. Enhanced visibility means increased detection by motorists, pedestrians, and fellow cyclists-your safety is maximised.
  • Reflective yarn for unparalleled night safety
  • Accommodates folders in DIN A4 format
  • Padded compartment for notebooks or mobile devices
  • Ergonomic design with TPU back padding and ventilation channels
  • Detachable chest and waist belts for added stability
  • Straps for optional rear light and U-lock attachment

  • Material: PS50CX
  • Colour: Black Reflex
  • Height: 50 cm | Depth: 15.5 cm | Width: 30 cm
  • Weight: 860 g
  • Volume: 21 L