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Thanks to OpenSwim Pro's durable IP68 waterproof rating, submerge your OpenSwim Pro up to 2 meters for 2 hours, seamlessly playing your tunes with perfection.

Switch between Bluetooth and MP3 mode for uninterrupted music with the button or in the Shokz App. OpenSwim Pro is tailored waterproof, versatile, while fitting safe and secure for your workout routine — in the water or on the land.


Bluetooth + MP3 Dual Modes

One Device, Dual Functionality, Limitless Possibilities

OpenSwim Pro brings you the best of both worlds with dual functionality – Bluetooth and MP3 modes seamlessly packed into one device. Effortlessly switch between the two with intuitive buttons or through the user-friendly Shokz App.

Music Anywhere, Anytime with MP3

Optimised for outdoor activities, MP3 mode provides seamless built-in music playback. Ditch your phone and effortlessly switch to MP3 mode by long-pressing both keys to enjoy your curated playlists while swimming, trail running, or hiking with fluctuating signals.

Open Ears, Safety First

Boost your workouts with enhanced safety thanks to our signature open-ear design. Easily perceive potential hazards during outdoor activities, whether hiking in the mountains or extended swimming sessions. With OpenSwim Pro’s open-ear design, you stay engaged and connected.

Stability in Motion

No more readjusting with slips and tumbles – OpenSwim Pro is engineered for a secure fit. With flexible, ergonomically shaped ear hooks and a nickel-titanium alloy headband, it stays comfortably in place whether you're running, jumping, or making a splash.

Comfort Beyond Boundaries

Extended Comfort, Endless Listening

Designed for comfort, our open-ear design ensures a non-intrusive fit, preventing discomfort during extended wear and maintaining a cleaner ear canal. Additionally, the lightweight build and soft texture guarantee easy listening that’s comfortable and effortless.


Physical Buttons

Designed for optimal sports use, OpenSwim Pro's physical buttons deliver instant feedback, allowing you to effortlessly navigate music and calls with simple key combinations. Feel strong rebound feedback with every press and stay worry-free about accidental touches, underwater or during sweaty workouts.

What's In The Box

• OpenSwim Pro Headphone
• 4-Pin Magnetic Charging Cable
• Swimming Earplugs
• Silicone Rubber Carrying Case
• User Instructions

Additonal Features

• IPg8 waterproof rating
• PremiumPitch bone conduction technology
• Quick charge 32GB of MP3 storage
• Up to 9 hours of listening
• Crystal-clear call with dual noise reduction technology
• Sports-optimised physical buttons