Effortless Chain Prep: From Grease to Gleam

Experience a revolutionary way to prime your chain for waxing with the SILCA Super Secret Starter Pack Stripper. Say goodbye to tedious processes and harsh chemicals. This powerful solution strips away factory lubricants in just 10 minutes, making your chain ready to embrace the wax and the road ahead. Whether you're submerging or dripping, it's time to make the switch without the sweat.

A Leap Beyond Traditional Methods

Gone are the days of complex solvent rituals for chain waxing. SILCA's Chain Stripper redefines the game with a back-to-front approach. This organic powerhouse lifts and encapsulates greases and oils, rendering them easily rinsed away. Say hello to a clean, primed metal surface for impeccable wax adhesion. Embrace two cleaning options: immerse your chain for a hot-melt waxing experience or opt for drip application. The Stripper's unique formula paves the way for an upgraded chain life and efficiency.

  • Name: Super Secret Starter Pack Stripper
  • Size: 118ml
  • Application: Chain waxing preparation
  • Biodegradable ingredients, quick and effective cleaning, wax adhesion improvement, on and off-bike usage
  • Origin: Made in USA

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