Thanks to the Met Safe T Advanced Light you can ncrease your visibility in the dark. This USB LED Light fits tool-free onto MET and Bluegrass helmets with the Safe-T Advanced Retention System. And even with a mounted LED light the helmet's adjustment dial remains perfectly accessible.

SAFE-T ADVANCED USB LED LIGHT from Met-helmets on Vimeo.


500 meters visibility - Six bright LEDs emit light in an angle of 180 degrees, providing superior visibility in urban conditions, up to 500 meters.

Long lasting and easy to re-charge - In blinking mode the battery last up to 4 hours. Steady light lasts 2,5 hours.

The lithium battery is easy to re-charge via Micro-USB.

Rain resistant and lightweight - As a true outdoor product the Safety-Advanced USB LED Light features a water-resistant casing.

It's very light at just 13 grams.

Intelligent nightsafe mode - The integrated light sensor switches on LEDs in darkness and lowlight conditions. It automatically turns the light-off when exposed to daylight after a safety period of 15 seconds. Choose between Nightsafe mode and 4 other blinking modes including steady light.

Excellent way to boost visibility without weight o

By: on 12 May 2020
Used on: MET Manta Thinks I like: - Everything! There's not much to dislike about this little guy if you have a MET helmet. Super light, you won't even notice it's on your helmet - Easy to use. Snaps on and off the back of the helmet with no issues, and no hint of falling off. Turns on and off with a long press, and cycles through modes with a short one. Also easy to change mode when on the road since the button gives a good sound when pressed. - Durability. No issues with rain, and still going strong after a couple of years of use - Great visibility. Both the solid red and flashing modes are very clear and easy to see when the sun goes down Something that would make it even better: - You obviously can't see it when you've got your helmet, so you don't know if it's still on or out of battery. A little audio signal/beep would have been handy.

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