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Revolutionary Hydrogel Technology

Experience the future of cycling nutrition with Drink Mix 160! Crafted with cutting-edge Hydrogel technology, this sports drink transforms into a liquid powerhouse when mixed with water. Unleash the energy as it swiftly converts into a hydrogel within the stomach's acidity. Say goodbye to sluggish absorption - the hydrogel ensures a seamless journey through your system, optimizing nutrient absorption in the intestines.

Elevate Your Performance
Ignite your cycling adventures with Drink Mix 160! Specially formulated for cycling enthusiasts, this drink packs a punch. It's a dynamic fusion of maltodextrin and fructose, delivering a potent concoction of energy-boosting elements. Scientific studies reveal that our bodies can effectively utilize up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour. Brace yourself for 40 grams of pure cycling fuel in every sachet, mixed effortlessly with 500 ml of water.

Conquer New Horizons
Conquer terrains with an adventurous spirit powered by Drink Mix 160! This high-performance sports drink propels you beyond limits. Swift absorption, sustained energy - it's your competitive edge. Nourish your body with the perfect balance of water, salt, and carbohydrates. Whether you're a pro cyclist or an avid rider, be prepared to ascend to unparalleled heights with this game-changing elixir by your side.

• Hydrogel Technology: Cutting-edge formula that transforms the drink into hydrogel upon interaction with stomach acid.
• Carbohydrate Powerhouse: Each sachet contains 40 grams of a potent maltodextrin and fructose blend.
• Optimal Absorption: Hydrogel ensures smooth transportation through the stomach, enhancing nutrient absorption in the intestines.
• Maximum Utilization: Scientifically designed to provide up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour.
• Easy Mixing: Simply mix one sachet with 500 ml of water for a quick and efficient energy boost.

Technical Specifications

• Formula: Hydrogel technology
• Carbohydrate Content: 40g per 500ml serving
• Ingredients: Maltodextrin, fructose
• Usage: Ideal for cyclists seeking sustained energy and peak performance

Ingredients By Proportion

• Maltodextrin
• Fructose
• Pectin
• Sodium alginate
• Sodium chloride