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Revolutionary Hydrogel Technology

Experience the next evolution in cycling hydration with Drink Mix 320. Crafted using cutting-edge Hydrogel technology, this sports drink transforms into a liquid carbohydrate powerhouse when mixed with water. It's not just a drink; it's a performance-enhancing marvel.

Immediate Energy Surge
Picture this: you're pedaling through challenging terrains, and your body craves a quick energy boost. That's where Drink Mix 320 shines. Packed with a potent blend of maltodextrin and fructose, it delivers an instant and sustained energy surge. Leave fatigue in the dust as you conquer each ride with renewed vigor.

Seamless Digestion, Unstoppable Performance
Say goodbye to digestive woes that often plague cyclists. Our sports drink undergoes a remarkable transformation into hydrogel in your stomach's acidic environment. This innovation ensures a smooth journey through your system. Witness the seamless transportation to your intestines, where precious water, salt, and carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed. Your performance reaches new heights without the drag of discomfort.

Your Competitive Edge
Elevate your cycling regimen and outpace the competition with Drink Mix 320. Powered by science, this concoction redefines how you refuel on the go. From demanding uphill battles to exhilarating sprints, this drink is your trusted companion, helping you stay ahead of the pack. Quench your thirst for adventure while maintaining your competitive spirit - Drink Mix 320 fuels your ambitions.

Revolutionary Hydrogel Technology
Instant and Sustained Energy
Seamless Digestion Process
Competitive Performance Booster

Technical Specifications

• Carbohydrate Type: Maltodextrin and Fructose
• Carbohydrate Concentration: High
• Transformation: Liquid to Hydrogel in Stomach Acidity
• Absorption: Intestinal Water, Salt, and Carbohydrates

Ingredients By Proportion
• Maltodextrin
• Fructose
• Pectin
. Sodium alginate
. Sodium chloride