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This double barrel rear-shock hardware is compatible with a range of rear shocks.


Genuine Cane Creek mounting hardware for DBCoil

DBAir and DBAir CS rear shocks.

Part Numbers

6mm x 21.8mm - .HWAR

6mm x 22.1mm - .HWAT

6mm x 24mm - .HWAX

6mm x 25mm - .HWAZ

6mm x 25.4mm - .HWBA

6mm x 27.9mm - .HWBE

6mm x 28.6mm - .HWBF

6mm x 30mm - .HWBG

6mm x 33mm - .HWCZ

6mm x 39.8mm - .HWBT

6mm x 40mm - .HWDJ

6mm x 41mm - .HWBW

6mm x 50mm - .HWCF

8mm x 15.7mm - .HWAE

8mm x 15.9mm - .HWAH

8mm x 19mm - .HWAN

8mm x 21.8mm - .HWAS

8mm x 22mm - .HWMP

8mm x 22.1mm - .HWAU

8mm x 24mm - .HWAY

8mm x 25.4mm - .HWBB

8mm x 27.9mm - .HWBD

8mm x 30mm - .HWCO

8mm x 32mm - .HWBM

8mm x 33.6mm - .HWHT

8mm x 34mm - .HWCS

8mm x 35.6mm - .HWBP

8mm x 38mm - .HWBS

8mm x 40mm - .HWBU

8mm x 41mm - .HWBV

8mm x 42mm - .HWBY

8mm x 43.8mm - .HWCQ

8mm x 49mm - .HWHR

8mm x 50mm - .HWCG

8mm x 52mm - .HWCI

8mm x 56mm - .HWHV

10mm x 22.1mm - .HWDL

8mm x 20.0mm - .HWAO

8mm x 21.9mm - .HWMW

8mm x 22.2mm - .HWMM

8mm x 25.0mm - .HWHW

8mm x 26.0mm - .HWMT

8mm x 44.5mm  - .HWBZ

10mm x  14.9mm  - .HWAD

10mm x 22.0mm - .HWMS

10mm x  40.0mm - .HWDK

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