CeramicSpeed Racing UFO Chains

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The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains are for all riders that want to save between 2-5 watts on competition day.

As a result of a special formula and in-house performance testing, the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains now comes in two versions: an optimized KMC SL 11s and 10s chain which is compatible with SRAM, Campagnolo and Shimano, and an optimized Dura-Ace HG901 11s chain specific to Shimano drivetrains.

Their ultrafast racing chains are carefully selected from high quality suppliers and optimised by hand in Denmark.

The test results above showcase the performance of CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains against other treated chain products.

The testing was performaned on an Endurance Machine in combination with a Full Tension Tester. The results showcase the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain to be the fastest chain - also over time - supported by a thorough testing protocol. Their data shows consistent/stable performance for min. 600km


The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains are developed for unmatched racing performance and are intended for race-day applications.

The racing chains will last min. 600 km / 370 miles before significant efficiency losses, and potentially even longer under clean riding conditions.

The latest frictional tests show that CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are the fastest, most reliable treated chains on the market.

To learn more about the UFO Racing Chain treatment and developing, please read this.

Be aware that the UFO treatment is not optimised for wet and muddy conditions, which might cause corrosion on the chain. Read more about maintenance here.

Testing results show, that UFO Racing Chain proves to be faster than other treated chains.