Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wheel Kit is made of 35 washers that fit snugly over the valve stem, gluing at its base, with an elegant and almost invisible silencing effect.

Current high performance bicycle wheels, with fancy ceramic bearings, lightweight carbon rims, cannot deliver their full  potential if not properly balanced. It’s an easy task that only requires a Shelter Wheel Kit, a wheel truing stand (or a bicycle turned upside down..), patience and some minutes per wheel. Much nicer and effective than electrical tape to silence valves on high-end wheels

It's also great to balance wheels, with an additional vibration-reducing action.



Silence ValvesEliminates valve noises, especially on high-profile rims. With minimum bulk and weight, they provide an elegant and almost invisible silencing effect, cancelling unwanted valve movements and vibrations.

Shelter washers - can be used to finely balance wheels

Re-sealable bag - The re-sealable bag makes sure washers retain their properties if needed for successive applications.

Visco-elasticity reduces vibrations - That’s an added bonus when balancing a wheel with Shelter washers. The transmission of vibrational energy through any structure can be reduced by introducing visco-elastic materials at discrete points. It’s exactly what Shelter does, contributing to reduce vibrations on very stiff wheels.

Made in Italy.

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