Elite Zugaman 130x30cm Training Towel Red


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Highly Absorbent, Soft-To-The-Touch Sweat Towel
Made with 100% Cotton, the ELITE ZUGAMAN TRAINING TOWEL is highly absorbent and soft on your skin. It's the ideal indoor trainer companion, helping you to stay dry while working out. Previously only available to Elite's pro-level athletes Elite has now bowed to consumer demand and released the towel to all riders and turbo-trainer users.

Keep It Close At Hand To Mop Up Sweat
Indoor workouts are sometimes more intense than outdoor, weather-beaten ones. On home trainers you maintain your position for longer, there's no free-wheeling and you get no relief from the wind which would normally help with drying sweat. For this, and many other reasons, the ELITE ZUGAMAN TRAINING TOWEL is perfect for keeping close at hand to mop excessive sweat while you exercise or train. It drapes easily over the bars or the front wheel without getting in the way.

Machine Washable
Made from durable, absorbent cotton this 130x30cm ELITE ZUGAMAN TRAINING TOWEL is intended for repeated machine washing at low temperatures (max 30C). You can avoid reducing its absorption attributes by keeping the use of fabric softener to a minimum during the washing process.
. Elite high-quality, plush texture training towel . Made from 100% cotton . Mops excess sweat generated on indoor trainers . Zugaman Elite Team Edition Training Towel . Highly absorbent . Soft-to-the-touch . Machine washable . Made to the highest Elite standards . Drapes easily over the bars when using a rear-wheel trainer Specifications . Brand/Model Name: Elite Zugaman Training Towel . Part Number: 0200401 . Material: 100% Cotton . Dimensions: 130 x 30 cm . Weight: 400g approx . Props shown in Pushys images are not included with purchase unless specifically stated