A super duty cleaner formulated using the very latest of two impressive advances in cleaning chemistry.  Strips the ugliest of stuff right off, including the toughest of brake rotor surface grime.

Speed Degreaser dries fast and complete - there's no oily residue left behind - it melts and rinses contaminants right off, and poof..., what's left of Speed Degreaser evaporates away - and because Speed Degreaser also displaces water, you're left with a squeaky clean, residue free dry surface!



  • Fastest, strongest degreaser
  • Instantly removes grease & grime
  • Dries fast, leaving no oily residue
  • Perfect for disc brake rotors


Excellent Product

By: on 6 December 2020
I got about four cleans out of the can even though the chain etc. was quite dirty and there was no need for a rinse. Just don't use it on the lawn. It also makes a very good weed killer.

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