Wider, Lighter And More Aerodynamic
Introducing the all-new Fulcrum Speed 42, a groundbreaking wheelset that signifies Fulcrum's entrance into a new era of cycling. This exceptional wheelset harmoniously combines form and function, embodying the core values of Form, Function, Fulcrum. It represents an uncompromising evolution, featuring higher, wider, lighter, and more aerodynamic rims, hubs, and spokes seamlessly integrated into a flawless wheel system.
Optimal Aerodynamic Efficiency
The expanded width of the rims, in conjunction with 28 mm tires, delivers uncompromising performance characterised by providing peak aerodynamic efficiency, minimised rolling resistance, and unmatched comfort. These wider rims undergo meticulous construction using Fulcrum's proprietary blend of resins and fibres, purposefully developed to meet the stringent standards of the Speed 42. Extensive experimentation has resulted in the perfect blend of FF100 high modulus unidirectional fibres, a composite material that surpasses previous iterations. Combined with precise layup techniques and meticulous resin control, this wheelset operates within the optimal elasticity range, guaranteeing unmatched performance attributes and an unparalleled riding experience.
2-Way™ Fit
Fulcrum's 2-Way Fit™ ensures compatibility between tubeless and standard clincher wheels, providing increased smoothness, friction elimination, enhanced tire adherence, and improved safety.
USB™ Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings™
Equipped with USB™ ceramic bearings, Fulcrum's hubs offer exceptional smoothness, reliability, reduced weight, and maintenance, enhancing the performance of racing bike wheels.
Undrilled Rim Bed
With an undrilled rim bed, Fulcrum's design delivers a homogeneous and stress-free product, resulting in reduced weight, extended rim lifespan, increased resistance to fatigue, improved spoke tension, enhanced stiffness, and superior reactivity and acceleration.
Tyre Type: 2-Way Fit™ (tube & tubeless)
Tyre Size: 28"
Discipline: Road
Rim Material: Full Carbon (FF100)
Rim Material Detail: Direct In mould Matt Finish (DIMF)
Profile Height: Medium
Rim Height: 42mm
Outer Rim Width: 29.3 mm
Inner Rim Width: 23 mm
Recommended Tyre Width:from 25mm to 65mm
Breaking System: Disc Brake
Obreaking System Option: AFS™
Front Axle Compatibility: HH12-100
REAR Axle Compatibility: HH12-142
Front Wheel Spokes: 24
Rear Wheel Spokes: 24
Spoke Material: Stainless steel - Double butted
Spoke Profile: Aero, straight pull
Nipples: Aluminium, Self-locking
Front Hub: Aluminium, Low flanges
Rear Hub: Aluminium, Low flanges
Free hub: HG11
Bearings: USB™ ceramic, Adj. Cup & Cone bearing system
Weight Limit (SYSTEM): 120 kg
Weight: 1410g

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