GripGrab Merino Wool MultiFunctional Neck Warmer Black


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MultiFunctional Cyclist Essential
You can wear it as a neck-warmer, a bandana, a sweatband, hair band, or even a face-mask. The GRIPGRAB MULTIFUNCTIONAL MERINO NECK WARMER is indeed a versatile piece of kit for any cyclist.

Naturally Resistant To Odours
This 100% Merino Wool version is super soft and luxurious and offers the warm feel and amazing comfort that only wool can provide in varying conditions. Being made from a natural fibre the GRIPGRAB MERINO WOOL NECK WARMER is also resistant to odours and will help to wick moisture away from your skin so you don't develop an uncomfortable sweat.

Ideal For Hot Or Cold Conditions
The GRIPGRAB MULTIFUNCTIONAL MERINO NECK WARMER will keep you warm and comfortable in the cold and is easily able to withstand Autumn/Winter temperatures and icy winds. It will also soak up and wick away perspiration in hot conditions.
. GripGrab Multi-Functional Neck Warmer . 100% Merino Wool . Ideal for hot or cold conditions . Converts to a bandana or sweatband . Works as a face-mask or hairband too . Natural fibre quick-drying fabric . Highly breathable . Odour resistant . Insulating properties . Wear under your helmet to absorb sweat . Wicks away perspiration in hot conditions . Brilliant idea for chilly morning rides . Protects ears from cold air . Shields nose & mouth from sand or flying debris/insects . Easy to stash in a jersey pocket when not needed . GripGrab is a Danish company Specifications . Colour: Black . Fit: Unisex . Size: Unisize (one size fits most) . Head Circumference: 54-63cm . Season: All season adaptability . Recommended Use: Cycling | Walking | Jogging | Fishing