PRO Shock Absorbing Handlebar Gel Pads


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Isolate Your Hands From Road Shock
PRO Handlebar Gel Pads provide an additional layer of shock absorption to your bike handlebars to isolate road shock and help smooth out all the vibrations that send pins & needles straight to your fingers. If you do a lot of miles, particularly on rough roads, these inserts are worth the investment for the comfort they add to your bars and the relief they give to your hands.

Prevents Bar Tape From Drifting
Made from heavily-damping gel these inserts install underneath your bar tape and can readily be cut to size with scissors. Many people find it acceptable to unwrap existing bar tape, fit the gel pads and then re-wrap the old bar tape over the gel, but for optimum results it is best to install the Gel Pads with new handlebar tape. Suitable for most conventional road bike handlebars the pads have a tacky upper surface to prevent the bar tape from drifting.

Box Contents
2 x PRO Handlebar Gel Pads - Curved
2 x PRO Handlebar Gel Pads - Rectangle

. For optimal results it is best to install PRO Handlebar Gel Pads beneath new handlebar tape.
. Pull back the lever hoods, remove the bar end plugs & unwrap the old handlebar tape.
. Clean any tape adhesive residue off the handlebars with mild cleaner.
. Peel off adhesive strip on the back of the Gel Pads & install them on the bare handlebar as shown in the drawing.
. Install new handlebar tape according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
. If you are not confident in your ability to wrap handlebars, please consult a bicycle service professional.

. PRO Shock Absorbing Handlebar Gel Pads . Position on bike handlebars underneath bar tape . Absorbs handlebar vibration . Isolates road shock . Eliminates pins & needles in the hands . Compatible with all bar tape . Low body height . Tacky surface grips to bar tape . Easy to fit . Suitable for most conventional road bike handlebars . PRO Bikegear (Shimano's own cockpit and accessory brand) Specifications . Pad Dimensions: 210 x 45mm (Curved) . Pad Dimensions: 145 x 45mm (Rectangle) . Material: Shock Absorbing Gel . Weight: 94g (all 4 pieces) . Product Code: PRAC0087 | PRO-13-073-01 . Country of Manufacture: Taiwan