Profile Design Hypersonic/Ergo/50a 340mm Aerobar Black


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The Hypersonic bracket is designed to give riders a low stack bar with easy adjustability of extension length and rotation. Pairing this bracket with the ergo armrest and the 50a extensions offers amazing fitting options and greater comfort. The extension length and rotation can be easily adjusted using the top bolt.

. Extension Shape: A 50a extensions offer a 50 ski bend shape
. The 50a offers a 7.5mm lateral shift per side allowing the rider to get their hands narrower or wider without tilting the extensions so much that the shifters touch each other
Specifications . Bracket: Hypersonic . Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm (26.0 w/Shims) . Armrest: Ergo / 10mm Pads . Armrest Width: 112mm to 280mm in 18.5mm steps (with Extensions at 110mm) . Armrest Offset: -85mm to -17.5mm in 7.5mm steps . Armrest Stack: 39mm . Colour: Matte Black . Bracket Weight: 310g . Armrest Weight: 130g . Extensions Weight: 200g . Total Weight: 640g.