Shimano BP L05A-RF Resin Brake Pads w/Fins (Pair)


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Shimano Brake Pads With Fins
Shimano BP L05A-RF Resin Brake Pads With Fins perform well in all conditions, ensuring excellent stopping power at all times. These brake pads are fade-resistant, produce minimal noise, and have a longer pad life than their competitors. These Shimano L05A-RF Resin Pads w/Fins replace L03A Pads. They are suitable for Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105 and GRX 2-piston flat-mount disc brakes.

Fin Cooling Technology
The radiator fin prolongs pad life and aids in cooling under heavy braking conditions.
. Shimano resin brake pads . Softer pad compound . Quieter than sintered metal pads . Emphasis on good modulation . Especially designed for dry and wet . All-New Shimano Ice-Tech . Resin pads offer better cooling and durability . 40% more durable than L03A model . Lightweight (approx. 17g) . Shimano L05A-RF Resin Ice-Tec Disc Brake Pads Compatible Brake Callipers . Dura-Ace: BR-R9170 . Ultegra: BR-R8070, BR-RS805, . 105: BR-R7070, BR-RS505 . Tiagra: BR-RS405 and BR-RS305 . Metrea: BR-U5000 Material . Compound: Resin (organic) . Plate: Aluminium