Shred Ultimate Lube 125ml Wax Chain Lube

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Australian Made & Owned, Premium Bike Care Product
As the old saying goes, "a clean bike is a fast bike", and this 125mL bottle of SHRED ULTIMATE LUBE is just the thing for use in wet and dry conditions to ensure your chain runs free and smooth all ride long. And, best of all, it's made in Australia which means you are supporting Australian industry and jobs with every purchase.

Ideal For All Conditions
This Shred Lube is made from a wax based formula to protect your chain in all conditions. This formulation allows it to penetrate and cover the drive train when wet, and form a protective coating when it dries for cleaner and quieter rides. Ride Hard, Wash Fast, Have Fun!

Instructions For Use
Step 1: Thoroughly clean drive train with Shred Fast Degreaser and ensure it is completely dry
Step 2: Shake Bottle Well, apply Shred Ultimate Lube to the inside chain links while turning cranks in reverse
Step 3: Allow to dry for a few minutes. Do not wipe off excess
Step 4: Ride Your Bike, Have Fun!

• SHRED Bike Care long lasting wax chain lube - ULTIMATE . Convenient 125mL bottle with dispensing nozzle
• Formulated for use in dry and wet conditions
• Helps your chain to run free and smooth
• Wax based formula . Keeps the drive train clean
• Ensures easy shifting
• Made in Australia
• Brand: Shred Bike Care
• Product: Ultimate Lube
• Volume: 125mL (bottle) 4oz