Silca Asymmetrico Saddle Bag Black/Grey


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Premium Saddle Bag
A good saddle bag will last the distance, stay in place and stay out of the way. A great saddle bag will do this whilst looking a cut above and using a BOA dial to securely connect to the saddle and make removal simple. Silca designed their saddle bags with the simple aim of providing a product that can achieve this is be a class leader. The brand itself has a heavy R&D focus and it clearly shows. The result is a sleek and compact seat roll designed to store everything you need for flat repairs or light mechanicals out on the road or trail. Seat Roll Asymmetrico takes everything SILCA has learned in 5 years of producing the award winning Seat Roll Premio and kicks it up a notch with lighter materials, reduced bulk, improved abrasion resistance, an extra pocket, and unique asymmetric design which allows you to pack more into a smaller volume, oh, and room for up to 700x45 (29x1.75") tubes!
. Weight: 85g . BOA dial equipped . Padded rail guard protects saddle rails . Speedy installation and access . Four internal pockets . Black reflective - stealthy HI-VIS